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Releasing online 20th April, One world is the first album of Pon Di Corner.

One World
Pon Di Corner
La france, sicilia, latino america


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Based in the Island of Malta, Pon Di Corner is an International collaboration of Mc’s, combining 4 musical souls with the common roots & influence of hip-hop/reggae.
Back in 2014, the members met on a street corner, practicing their passion, FREESTYLING and JAMMING, which eventually inspired the name of the band : Pon Di Corner (meaning round the corner in Jamaican Patois).
The diverse backgrounds of the Mc’s, originating from: France/Chile, Venezuela, France/Tunisia and Sicily creates a unique multicultural vibe, intertwining four different languages into their music.
Due to the mixture and flow of English, Spanish, French and Italian this group exemplifies and sends out a clear message of Universal Identity and Unity.

The Island of Malta has played an important role in bringing this group together, connecting them with a common place they now call home and linking their roots between the north, south, west and east.
Valletta was declared European Capital of Culture for 2018 and Pon Di Corner encourages this European dimension, supporting citizen participation and pride in one’s culture.
Pon di Corner represent the beauty of cultural diversity, the exchange and dialogue of people’s roots expressed through the power of music.
They launched their first album called “One World” on 20 April 2017, you can find it on all music digital services and on Youtube.


Born in France to Chilean parents, PupaChile got attracted by Hip-Hop and Reggae music during his childhood while he was living in Yaounde (Cameroun). He experienced the African continent for 4 years. However, his inspiration came first from his family, his 2 parents singing and playing guitars, organizing Chilean events in their hometown city.

In 2000, driven by his passion, he decided to begin a collection of vinyls and start as a dj, creating his first mixtape “Pupachile Selecta”.

In 2002, he founded the sound system “Positive Irie” with his friend Dreadlion in Orleans, France. Pupachile got addicted to dubplates and started recording artists from all around the world. Positive Irie has more than 400 dubplates with the best artists you can expect. From 2006 to 2010, they performed around France and participated to several “Sound Clash”.

In 2010, he arrived in Malta, curious to discover new horizons. He joined the band Mana Tapu as a lead singer. The band is still playing. In 2014, he met the future mcs of Pon Di Corner. They decided to create an International Reggae&Hip-Hop collective to express themselves . He invested in a Homestudio to start recording. The result is here now: One World, first Album.


Mehdi AKA Mehding is a young MC from Lyon in France. Half French and half Tunisian, he has always been rocked by African and French traditional music.

Hip-hop has always be part of Mehdi’s life, rapping and singing everywhere he could. From US and French influence, he learnt beatbox young. Co-founder of Pon Di Corner with Pupachile, they had in mind to create a brand new concept of international Music based on Reggae & Hip-Hop and gather all international MCs they could find on their way.

Attracted by old french songs and taking inspiration in Charles Aznavour, Leo Ferré as well as NaS, Jay-Z, Biggie small, Don Carlos and Ken Boothe, Mehdi tries in each of his lyric to add deep conscience and to show to the world that words is the stronger weapon human can find.

“One world” is the result of years of collaboration, first Pon Di Corner’s album, it is the result of 2 years of friendship, sacrifices and positive thoughts…


Cristian Lazzara A.K.A Positive Rebel is born in Valguarnera (Carrapipi) village located in the center of Sicily. He was called “Rasta” by his friends because of the long dread locks he used to wear. His background and passion for art let him at the age of 13 year old to discover electronic music and the secrets of its frequencies. During six years, he acted as a techno and deep house DJ in local areas.

Years went by and the idea of defining is own musical reality became an obsession and was also encouraged by new trends, genres, musical styles. From reggae to drum and bass, from rock to blues and psytrance classical music, Positive Rebel finally understood that he found own definition of music was in fact born from “silence”.

He stopped his musical experience for 4 years when he started working and decided to leave Sicily to settle in Malta its own business. His goal was to find a balance and an economic independence in order to be able to initialize a new experiment music project.

That is how he met Pon Di Corner.