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Releasing online 20th April, One world is the first album of Pon Di Corner.

One World


Release of the second single Music is my Inspiration

Finally it's here !! We present 'Music is my Inspiration' taken from our debut album 'One World' album releasing April,20th 2017. Produced by Jimbo Jonez (Spain)​ and Directed “THE GREENDER SISTERS” (J. Phillips & Jimbo Jonez)..A special thanks goes to The Greender Sisters, Jimbo, Jay philips Leila Chaudhry, Camila Oliveira, Isaac, Alexis Frenchi, Salvatore Mirabella, Gabrielė Jonikaitė, Kosa, Manu Cassar, Jorge Cortizo, Emilio Coccaro , Miguel Solisa, Gwenn le Breton, Kylie Vella, Steve Tunks, Omar Bahs, Bader Essafi, Morgane Stein, Sarah Borg, Raquel Cachia, Sarah Fay Muscat, Petter Asperholm FeryEarth Garden footage Pure Media MaltaChildrens Sim, Cake, Kieran, Aiden, Travis, IsaacBar Il-Gazin, Vilhena Band Club Jacob J....

One World Album Launch Party

Invite your friends & Share the event !!It's time to present you live and direct our album releasing online 20th april 2017 .Expect DJ with all style of music from dub to reggae to hiphop.Expect guest Mc's.More info on the line up soon.Keep your Friday 5th may free, it will be an extra one.

Release of the first single One World

We announce our new single "One World", and the release date of our album also called "ONE WORLD" : 20 April 2017.This song is born from a combination done 2 summer ago, with Vanessa Bongo, we have to give thanks to Nicki Sultana for bringing her in Malta, without him, this track could not have been possible. Protect our world, mother nature and all its children ! We are part of the same WORLD, no matter what is your color, religion, beliefs and dreams, all of us deserve the same, happiness, hope and innocence ! It was a magical summer alongside Lion...


New Connection with italian singer NICO ROYAL

This week end we were with italian singer NICO ROYAL and Mark-one at Marley festival organised by Rootzisland.It was a nice show, then the next day, some sound wanted to record dubplate. No problem cause we have our Home studio.It s all about One World, Gambia, Libya, Czech Republic, Italia, France, Malta, Brasil, Tunisia, Belgium, Pakistan, Chile in the House.Yesterday vibes in Pon Di Corner Studio.Dubplate session with NICO ROYALE Nicola Boreali Marco FiorettiBig up !! See ya pon di road brothers....

cover one world

Presentation of the cover album One World

We are glad to present you the cover of our ♪ ALBUM ♪ made by the talented EN Dru Panda. This album is the result of 2 years of work with all the crew, it is produced by ourselves in our own Home Studio and will be available in CD and digital way.We can't wait to release it !! ♪ Let us know what do you think ! ♪<3 ONE LOVE <3 to each and everyone....

videoclip music is my inspiration

Shooting of the video clip Music is my inspiration

We started the week end with this big news.Thanks to our brother Jimbo Jones and Jesus from SiSi Greenders band (madrid) for flighing MALTA helping us in realisation of the new video clip extract from the One World album. ...

Working on the website

Hi family,here a small news, we are working on the website to get ready for the album launch in may 2017.Hope you will all be there with us to celebrate our realease album of One World....