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Releasing online 20th April, One world is the first album of Pon Di Corner.

One World

Roots Balera special guest Pon Di Corner at Arteria

Time: November 16, 2017 23h
Location: ARTERIA - vicolo Broglio 1/E - Bologna
Event Type: Tour
Organized By: Associazione Montagna di Suono‎
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♥ ♥ ♥ ROOTS BALERA ♥ ♥ ♥

Il giovedì reggae di Bologna | winter season

Dopo un’ incredibile stagione primaverile ed estiva nella bellissima location di Dynamo è arrivato l’ inverno e abbiamo iniziato alla grande la stagione invernale all’ Arteria – il 1° e il 3° giovedì di ogni mese!


special guest from malta:

h. 24.00
Pon Di Corner (Malta)

Bio: Based in the Island of Malta, Pon Di Corner is an International collaboration of Mc’s, combining 4 musical souls with the common roots & influence of hip-hop/reggae.
Back in 2014, the members met on a street corner, practicing their passion, FREESTYLING and JAMMING, which eventually inspired the name of the band : Pon Di Corner (meaning round the corner in Jamaican Patois).
The diverse backgrounds of the Mc’s, originating from: France/Chile, Venezuela, France/Tunisia and Sicily creates a unique multicultural vibe, intertwining four different languages into their music.
Due to the mixture and flow of English, Spanish, French and Italian this group exemplifies and sends out a clear message of Universal Identity and Unity.

The Island of Malta has played an important role in bringing this group together, connecting them with a common place they now call home and linking their roots between the north, south, west and east.
Valletta was declared European Capital of Culture for 2018 and Pon Di Corner encourages this European dimension, supporting citizen participation and pride in one’s culture.
Pon di Corner represent the beauty of cultural diversity, the exchange and dialogue of people’s roots expressed through the power of music.
They are currently preparing the launch of their first album called “One World”.

backed by:
BeLights from Reggae Rajahs (Libia/India)


Prima e dopo i live, che partirà a mezzanotte la crew del Roots Balera con le consuete good vibes!

music by:
Downbeat Bologna aka Downbeat Familia

hosted by:
Solomon B

Come al solito ci saranno tanti ospiti al microfono, che sarà sempre aperto per tutti i nuovi talenti, e anche alle selezioni!

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* no tessera
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ARTERIA – vicolo Broglio 1/E – Bologna

*** per la prima volta Giovedì 16 Novembre la serata inizierà dalle 19 con un APERITIVO REGGAE alla La Barcaccia Osteria Wine & Cocktail Bar di via Petroni 32. Alle selezioni Downbeat Bologna e special guest Belights from Reggae Rajhas Sound System.

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