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Releasing online 20th April, One world is the first album of Pon Di Corner.

One World

Release of the first single One World

Release of the first single One World

We announce our new single “One World”, and the release date of our album also called “ONE WORLD” : 20 April 2017.

This song is born from a combination done 2 summer ago, with Vanessa Bongo, we have to give thanks to Nicki Sultana for bringing her in Malta, without him, this track could not have been possible.

Protect our world, mother nature and all its children ! We are part of the same WORLD, no matter what is your color, religion, beliefs and dreams, all of us deserve the same, happiness, hope and innocence !

It was a magical summer alongside Lion Trod Music, full of vibes, full of happiness. Let’s share it to the world. Give thanks family.

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