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Releasing online 20th April, One world is the first album of Pon Di Corner.

One World

Release of Vibration Positiva

Release of Vibration Positiva

As promised ! First Release 2015 ! My people ! The First and not the Last for sure ! Many connections to come !

Keep the Vibration Live and stay Positive

Track : Vibration Positiva

MCs : Pupachile (France/Chile) Mehding (France/Tunisia) Senzala (Portugal)

Style : Hip-Hop

Mix & Mastering : CRYSTAL MIXAGE


Vibration positiva,

represent the world we are PON DI CORNER

Vibration positiva,

we gonna move them, we gonna take the power

Vibration positiva,

music is the soul, flowing like a river

getting us everyday out of danger,

we are soldiers becoming real warriors

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